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Victorian Spiced Pomander Ball

Victorians hung spiced pomander balls throughout their homes and on their Christmas trees. Here’s how to make them: Spiced Pomander – a Victorian Christmas decoration.

Apple or orange
Whole cloves
Ground cinnamon
Orris root (optional)
Ribbon or other trim
Adhesive tape or a thimble
Paper bag

Push the cloves into the apple or orange with your thumb. (Protect your thumb with a thimble or by wrapping adhesive tape around and around it to protect it.)

Place the covered apple or orange in a bag filled with with ground cinnamon and orris root and shake it until it is thoroughly powdered..

Place the apple or orange in a warm dry place and let it dry – this takes about two weeks. Turn it from time to time so it doesn’t become flat on any one side. The pomander will shrink as it dries.

Place ribbon, lace or other decorative trims at the top of the pomander.

Use a ribbon hanger or a ribbon loop to hang the pomander on your tree.