Gel Scents

3 or 4 1/2 cup size jars (use recycled baby food jars) Food Coloring Essential Oil or Room Fragrance drops 2 c water, divided into two 1-cup amounts 1oz (4pkgs) unflavored gelatine 1Tbl salt Pour a few drops of food coloring in each jar. Pour 

Yule Spice Potpourri

3 cups water 4 tablespoons cardamom seeds 2 tablespoons whole cloves 3 cinnamon sticks 3 nutmeg berries 1 teaspoon ginger Simmer ingredients together on stovetop or in potpourri pot.

Frankinscense and Myrrh Blend

5 drops Frankincense 5 drops Myrrh 5 drops Cedarwood Oil (optional – to lighten the aroma a bit) 5-10 drops Orange (optional – to add a sweet, fruity aroma to the blend) Directions: Add your oils to a 2 ml dark colored glass bottle and