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Greek Chicken Pitas

6 Chicken Breast
3 med tomatoes
1 small red onion
2 medium cucumbers
1 large plain Greek Yogurt
Olive Oil
Lime juice
Greek seasoning
Feta cheese
Pita rounds or flat bread
Season chicken with lime juice and Greek seasoning and grill till done.
Peel and remove the seeds from on half of one of the cucumbers. Grate and using a paper towel, squeeze out extra juice. Place cucumber shreds in yogurt with Greek seasoning to taste. Chill in frig.
Peel and remove seeds from the remaining cucumbers and chop in bite size pieces. Chop onions and tomatoes and add to cucumbers. sprinkle lime juice over veggies and season with Greek seasoning to taste. Set in frig to chill.
Coat pita bread with oil and flip flop them until warm each side.
Fill with chicken and tomato cucumber mixture and top with cucumber yogurt and feta cheese.