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Greek Chicken Pitas

6 Chicken Breast 3 med tomatoes 1 small red onion 2 medium cucumbers 1 large plain Greek Yogurt Olive Oil Lime juice Greek seasoning Feta cheese Pita rounds or flat bread Season chicken with lime juice and Greek seasoning and grill till done. Peel and 

Greek Salad

Cucumbers Red onions Bell pepper (green) Feta cheese Kalamata olives Tomatoes olive oil salt pepper lemon juice oregano Cut up all ingredients except olives and place in bowl Finely chop cucumbers, squeeze all juice out and then mix into sour cream Stir in garlic and 


Pork Roast (med to large)
light olive oil
1 jar Cavenders Greek seasoning
lemon juice
1 red onions
3 tomatoes
1-2 pkg pita bread
2 large cucumber
1 pint sour cream
Fresh Oregano and Basil leaves
feta cheese

Place pork in crock pot with 3T lemon juice and 2tsp fresh oregano leaves. Cook for 6-8 hours till tender

Peel and grate one half of a cucumber, squeeze all juice out and mix into sour cream. Stir in 1-2 tsp Greek seasoning to taste.

Chop onions, tomatoes and rest of peeled cucumbers, place in a bowl with 3 T lemon juice and 2T fresh oregano leaves and 1tsp fresh Basil leaves, set in frig to chill.

Coat pita bread with oil and flip flop them until warm each side. Fill with pork and tomato mixture and top with cucumber sour cream and feta cheese.